Covenant Life: Yesterday, Today, and Forever (Joshua 24)


Covenant Life: Yesterday, Today, and Forever (Joshua 24)

On Sunday we looked at Joshua 24, the last chapter in Joshua, and concluded our series on this Jesus-centered book.

In Joshua 24, the soon-to-be-departed leader of Israel called Israel to renew their covenant with God. By reminding Israel of God’s grace in their past and calling them to seek Yahweh’s grace for their present, Joshua renewed a covenant that anticipated a greater covenant in the future.

Indeed, as we have seen in all of Joshua, this book points to Jesus with remarkable, and at times shocking, clarity. It is not a book where we have to read Jesus back into the Old Testament. Instead, as the first book written after Moses, a book that helps us learn to read the rest of the Prophets and Writings, Joshua (Yeshua = Jesus) is unmistakably Christotelic (written to bring us to Christ at-the-end). And Joshua 24 may be the most fulsome in  leading us to Christ. At least, that’s what I argue in this sermon!

You can listen to the sermon online. Response questions and additional resources can be found below.

Response Questions

  • Why is it important to review the history of Israel (vv. 1–13)?
  • What truths and attributes of God do you observe in this narrative?
  • How ought Israel to respond to the works of God (vv. 14)? When we consider God’s judgment and salvation, how ought we to respond?
  • Why would Joshua argue with the people to warn them (vv. 19–20)?
  • How long is this covenant kept (v. 31)? What do we observe about the human condition when it comes to covenant-keeping?
  • How is the New Covenant distinct and greater than this covenant in Joshua 24?
  • Why is it essential for faith and repentance to be together?
  • What does the covenant renewal ceremony teach us about our own need to renew the covenant? How does the Lord’s Supper help us do that?

Additional Resources

Soli Deo Gloria, ds