The ‘One Another’s. This handout lists all the ‘one another’ commands in the NT.  (Feel free to use and/or modify in any way that will help your church).

A Canonical Reading of the Psalter.  Here is my attempt in one page to outline the Psalter in a way that moves from the historical David to the eschatological David to come.  It depends heavily on John Walton’s JETS article (1991), “Psalms: A Cantata About the Davidic Covenant” and Paul House’s Old Testament Theology.

Exodus 30-31: Miscellaneous Instructions That Shadow The Messiah. Here is a handout I developed to help us find our way from the Law through the Prophets to Christ and the gospel.

Purging Pornography through the Power of a Greater Pleasure. Here are notes taken from a men’s retreat I did with Westside Community Church (Columbus, Indiana)

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