In Chariots of Fire, the classic motion which contrasts the Olympic careers of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrams, the Flying Scot (Liddell) says that he felt the pleasure of the Lord when he ran. I can say the same thing about writing.

When I write, I feel the joy of crafting words that explicate and extol the beauty of God in his Word and his world. Over the last few years, I have written a number of words here (on this blog), in various academic journals, and online. You can find an index of those writings here.

Academic — These articles, essays, and book reviews have been published in various theological journals.

Book Reviews — In academic writing, I cut my teeth on book reviews. Here are a few dozen of the books I have reviewed over the years.

Handouts — At heart, I am a Bible teacher. Here is a collection of handouts I’ve used to help explain certain ideas, doctrines, or passages of the Bible.

Online — These are shorter articles written for The Gospel Coalition, Credo Magazine, CBMW, etc. They touch on a number of theological, cultural, and practical matters.

Unpublished papers — These are papers that I wrote during my seminary studies or for my local church. They were formative in helping me think through various subjects, but should be seen as works in progress. Perhaps I’ll return to them someday to publish them.

Via Emmaus — In addition to the name of this blog, these handouts come from my year-long journey through the Bible. In 2011, I taught through the whole Bible. These are Christ-centered expositions of almost every book in the canon. Feel free to read and use for your studies.

May God use these words to plant seeds of gospel hope in the hearts of those seeking grace and truth in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria, ds