From July 2009 to February 2015 I had the joy of pastoring Calvary Baptist Church in Seymour, Indiana. During those years I preached expositional sermons from the Old and New Testaments, along with a number of topical series that approached subjects like marriage, family, and the church with expositions from various passages.

Below you can find links to many of the sermons (audio/manuscript). May God use them to grow you in grace and the knowledge of God our Savior.

Old Testament

Exodus (2011)

Flannel Graph 2.0: Seeing God’s
Holiness in the Old Testament
 (Summer 2014)

Ruth (Winter 2013)

Jonah (Spring 2012)

New Testament

The Beatitudes (Spring 2014)

The Parables of Jesus (Summer 2011)

Acts (Fall 2012 — Fall 2013) 

1 Corinthians 13: What is Love? (Fall 2013)

Galatians (Spring 2010)

Colossians (Fall 2009)

Titus: Sound Doctrine, Ethical Living,
and Evangelistic Zeal
 (Fall 2014 — Spring 2015)


Uniting Church and Home (Spring 2011)

Establishing a Biblical Worldview:
Creation, Fall, Redemption, New Creation (Summer 2012)

Meditations on Beauty: Creation,
Incarnation, Redemption, Heaven, and Hell (Winter 2012)

What is the Gospel? (Summer 2013)

Marriage and Sexuality: Design,
Deviation, Devastation, and the Deliverer
 (Fall 2013)

“Blessed”: Crucifying the
Soft Prosperity Gospel (Winter 2014)




8 thoughts on “Sermons

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  7. I am a retired pastor in middle ga. I don’t know how I found your web page but I have throughly enjoyed the reading. I pastored for forty five years and my tenure at my last church was thirty and a half years. God has Bennie more than good to me. I now spend my time in supply work and serving where ever I can. I would like to visit your church the next time I travel north. Please send the address of the church. I will be traveling to New Hamshire in July for a wedding. My wife and I have decided to make it a vacation, so maybe we can visit during that time. If not maybe another time. I am also a retired superintendent of schools. Your brother in Christ, Dr. Daniel. lndaniel Lndaniel

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