Fifty Sermons on Isaiah

readingplan04.jpegAs we approach the first Sunday in January and the first Sunday in Via Emmaus Bible reading plan, here are 50+ sermons on Isaiah, ordered in three ways.

  • The first section includes sermon overviews by Mark Dever (1 message) and Trent Hunter (5 messages). They will help you get the big picture of the book.
  • The second section is composed of selected sermons by various preachers. I will continue to add to this list. If you know of any exemplary sermons on particular passages in Isaiah, please add them in the comments.
  • The third section is dedicated to the series sermons preached by Ray Ortlund. I can’t wait to listen to many of these sermons and I encourage you to do the same.

Listening to good expositional sermons is an excellent way to learn the book of Isaiah and to love the God who gave us this book. Take time to listen to some of these sermons and be sure to respond in prayer to them, even if you hear them on the go. Again, if there are other good sermons to add to this list, please let me know (

Soli Deo Gloria, ds

Overview Sermons

Selected Sermons on Isaiah

Ray Ortlund’s 50 Sermons on Isaiah  

  1. Introduction to Isaiah (Isaiah 1:1)
  2. Our Urgent Need: A New Self-Awareness 1 (Isaiah 1:2-9)
  3. Our Urgent Need: A New Self-Awareness 2 (Isaiah 1:10-20)
  4. Our Urgent Need: A New Self-Awareness 3 (Isaiah 1:21-31)
  5. Transforming Power of Hope and Humility (Isaiah 2:1-21)
  6. The Enriching Power of Loss and Gain (Isaiah 3:1-4:6)
  7. Receiving the Grace of God in Vain (Isaiah 5:1-30)
  8. The Prayer God Will Never Refuse (Isaiah 6:1-8)
  9. The Triumph of Grace Over Our Failure: Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1-13)
  10. The Triumph of Grace Over Our Failure: Judah 1 (Isaiah 7:1-8:8)
  11. The Triumph of Grace Over Our Failure: Judah 2 (Isaiah 8:9-9:7)
  12. The Triumph of Grace Over Our Failure: Israel I (Isaiah 9:8-10:15)
  13. The Triumph of Grace Over Our Failure: Israel II (Isaiah 10:16-11:16)
  14. What the Bible is All About? (Isaiah 11)
  15. Our Response to the Triumph of Grace (Isaiah 12:1-6)
  16. The Supremacy of God Over the Nations 1 (Isaiah 13:1-20:6)
  17. The Supremacy of God Over the Nations 2 (Isaiah 21:1-23:18)
  18. The The Supremacy of God Over the Nations 3 (Isaiah 25:1-12)
  19. Our One Security: God’s Sure Foundation (Isaiah 28:1-29)
  20. God’s Power on God’s Terms (Isaiah 29:)
  21. The Counterintuitive Ways of God (Isaiah 30:1-33)
  22. Our Only True Hope (Isaiah 31-32)
  23. Finding God in Failure (Isaiah 33:1-24)
  24. The Two Final Outcomes (Isaiah 34-35)
  25. In Whom Do You Now Trust? (Isaiah 36:1-37:7)
  26. That All the Kingdoms of the Earth May Know (Isaiah 38:8-38)
  27. God’s Glory, Our Comfort (Isaiah 40:1-11)
  28. God’s Uniqueness, Our Assurance (Isaiah 40:12-26)
  29. God’s Greatness, Our Renewal (Isaiah 40:27-31)
  30. The Reality of God in an Unreal World (Isaiah 41:1-20)
  31. A Delusion, a Servant, a New Song (Isaiah 41:21-42:17)
  32. God’s Way to Reformation (Isaiah 42:18-43:21)
  33. God’s Way to Revival (Isaiah 43:22-44:23)
  34. Water For Dry Ground (Isaiah 44:1-5)
  35. God’s Surprising Strategies (Isaiah 44:24-45:25)
  36. Gods That Fail and the Collapse of Their Cultures (Isaiah 46:1-47:15)
  37. God’s Commitment to God Is His Assurance to Us (Isaiah 48:1-22)
  38. Guilt, Substitution, Grace (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)
  39. Everyone Needs a Substitute (Isaiah 53:4-6)
  40. Reviving the Heart of the Contrite (Isaiah 57:14-15)
  41. Outpouring (Isaiah 57:14-15)
  42. Revival and Responsibility (Isaiah 58:5-9)
  43. Delight Yourself in the Lord of Worship (Isaiah 58:13-14)
  44. Revival and World Renewal (Isaiah 59:21-60:7)
  45. Entering (Isaiah 60)
  46. Revival, Preaching and Prayer (Isaiah 61:1-62:7)
  47. Revival and the Wrath of the Lamb (Isaiah 62:10-63:7)
  48. Revival and the Descent of God (Isaiah 64:1-3)
  49. Revival and the Eagerness of God (Isaiah 65:1)
  50. Revival and Worship (Isaiah 66:1-2)

Thanks to Nick Batzig for culling these sermons. Here’s what Nick had to say about this series from 2002–04.

From 2002 to 2004, Dr. Ray Ortlund preached a sermon series on the book of Isaiah at First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA. I was only there to hear one of those sermons during that time. I distinctly remember thinking two things while I listened to Ray preach “God’s Way to Revival” on Isaiah 43:22-44:23. First, I thought about how difficult it must be to preach through the entire book of Isaiah; and, second, I thought about what a great job Ray did in his exposition of the text he was preaching that morning. There is a simplicity, depth and Gospel-centrality to Ray’s sermons in that series that later formed the basis of his outstanding commentary, Isaiah: God Saves Sinners