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Not a week goes by but what the news channels are filled with conversation and debate about sex. On top of the societal changes that swirl around us, legal changes are happening here and abroad. For instance, Germans now have the legal option of putting ‘other’ down as the gender of their ‘intersex’ baby. The Atlantic reports

A new law in Germany creates a third sex category on birth records. It could seem like an obvious solution to some problems of intersex: If some babies are born with bodies that are neither clearly male nor female, then it seems there should be some category beside “male” or “female.”

This is just one more example of why Christians need to have a deeply biblical understanding of sex, marriage, and gender. It is not enough anymore to believe in ‘traditional marriage’ or gender based on simple biology. In a fallen world, biology is not simple! We must have a deeply theological answer for why God’s image is only male and female, how the Fall can explain the phenomenon of intersex, and how gender is not a social construct but determined by the God who makes us in his image.

These examples are but the tip of the iceberg. To help us get a handle on some of these things, we need to take time to read, think, and study the Scriptures. To help you process some of these things, take a look at the following articles, audio, and video. They are reliable guides to help you walk in the light.

Christianity and Homosexuality: A Review of BooksTim Keller, in his October newsletter to his church reviewed and commended two important books on the subject of homosexuality. The first was Sam Allberry’s Is God Anti-Gayalso reviewed by CBMW. The second was Wesley Hill’s Washed and Waiting

Here We Stand: Midwestern Seminary & Same-Sex Marriage. Dr. Jason Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes why he and his school will hold fast to the biblical view of marriage.

It’s About Scripture, Not Sex. Here are three quotations for Denny Burk’s What is the Meaning of Sex? that represent three divergent views in evangelicalism today. They expose that the divide between Christians who oppose same-sex marriage and those who support it has to do with biblical interpretation, not sexual preference. The latter is always downstream from the former.

What Does He Really Want? Aileen Challies (the wife of Tim Challies) kicks off a series of blogs on the subject of sex at CBMW’s women’s channel. She seeks to deconstruct some of wrong views of sex that Christian women bring into marriage.

Holiness and Sexual PurityDenny Burk preached a message on 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8 last week. Take forty minutes to hear his exposition.

Kids and Sex. Pure Hope Ministries reminds parents that is never too young to begin addressing ‘age-appropriate’ discussions about sex.

Parenting Booklet. PureHope Ministries also has a forty-page booklet for parents on how to address the subject of sex with their children. This booklet has an appendix with “age appropriate teaching points.” If you are not familiar with Pure Hope, you should be.

If you have specific questions on this subject, please drop a note in the comments. I’d be happy to put you in touch with appropriate resources.

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One thought on “Noonday Light: Thoughts on Sex

  1. “This is just one more example of why Christians need to have a deeply biblical understanding of sex, marriage, and gender.”

    Exactly. And yet may Christians prefer tradition over what the Bible teaches.

    In Matthew 19:12, the Bible states that there are people who are born outside the traditional binary model of sex.

    Isaiah 56:1-8 and Acts 8:26-40 both indicate that such people may enter the kingdom the same way as anyone else–through faith in Christ.

    And yet, many Christians who profess to hold a Biblical view of sex ignore the fact that God recognizes more than a simple male-female dichotomy.

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