A Sunday Hymn: Now Why This Fear?

Over the weekend, I attended the 2013 Indiana Shepherd’s Conference. It was a joy to fellowship with Indiana pastors and pastor-theologians like George Robinson, Greg Gilbert, Eric Bancroft, and Timothy Beougher.

The topic was evangelism and the conversation was motivating without being condemning. (All that to say, you should listen to the audio when it comes available in a few days).

Still, perhaps one of the greatest highlights of the time was hearing the gospel preached in song. In particular, the words of this old Augustus Toplady song caught my attention. It is called “Now Why This Fear?” and it is wonderful meditation on the good news of Christ’s death in my place. Listen to it and let it tune your heart for worship.

As we approach Sunday, may we let the words of this hymn lead us to praise and thanksgiving.

Now why this fear and unbelief?
Has not the Father put to grief
His spotless Son for us?
And will the righteous Judge of men
Condemn me for that debt of sin
Now canceled at the cross? 

Complete atonement You have made
And by Your death have fully paid
The debt Your people owed
No wrath remains for us to face
We’re sheltered by Your saving grace
And sprinkled with Your blood 

Be still my soul and know this peace
The merits of your great high priest
Have bought your liberty
Rely then on His precious blood
Don’t fear your banishment from God
Since Jesus sets you free 

Have a gospel-rich Lord’s Day!