The Literary Structure of Isaiah 1–66: Eleven Infographics

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For the last two months, I have preached through the book of Isaiah, one section at a time. In all, that made for seven sermons and seven sermon handouts. In attempting to capture and communicate the message of Isaiah, I looked for the literary structures of Isaiah. First, I looked at the big picture of the book. Next, I considered each section. And last, I tried to see the branches on the trees, that are found in the glorious forest of Isaiah.

For each sermon, I put them together in infographics that look something like the stairs pictured above. What follows then are eleven screen shots of the book of Isaiah. They follow a basic chiastic structure for the whole book (see below), and each attempt to show the dramatic arc of judgment and salvation in each section, even down to the ten oracles of Isaiah 13–24.

Isaiah 1–12

Isaiah 13–27

Isaiah 28–35

Isaiah 36–39

Isaiah 40–48

Isaiah 49–54

Isaiah 55–66

As I went through Isaiah, I found help from David Dorsey, Alec Motyer, Barry Webb, Peter Leithart, the Chiasmus Xchange, and others. And for those who look at these outlines, I am sure that much more could be done to show the literary connections of the book, both at the micro- and macro-levels. But for now, I leave these outlines here, in hopes they may serve you as you read, study, or preach Isaiah. 

If you have further reflections and/or insights into this glorious book, please share them in the comments. At the bottom, I also linked to the seven sermons that arose from these outlines. May these graphical outlines be a source of encouragement and help as you hear the voice of God in Isaiah.

The Literary Structure of Isaiah 1–66Isaiah 1-12_Graphic



Isaiah 1-12_GraphicIsaiah 13–27_Graphic

Isaiah 13–27_Graphic_2Isaiah 13–27_Graphic_3


Isaiah 28–35_GraphicIsaiah 36–39_Graphic_1Isaiah 36–39_Graphic_2Isaiah 40–48_Graphic_1Isaiah 40–48_Graphic_2Isaiah 49–54_GraphicIsaiah 55–66_Graphic

If you are interested in hearing the messages on Isaiah, you can find them below.

Isaiah is a glorious book, so take up and read. I pray these outlines might be helpful.

Soli Deo Gloria, ds

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