Via Emmaus Bible Reading Plan: A Few Resources on Habakkuk

IMG_8971This month our Bible reading plan takes us to the Minor Prophets. To help us assemble these books and understand their message, here are a number of resources to Habakkuk, the first book of The Twelve. You can find more information about the Minor Prophets here.

Historical Context

Habakkuk does not have an historical superscription in its opening verse, but the content of book identifies the Babylonians and their impending actions against Jerusalem. Therefore, we can place this book around 620 B.C., as the ESV Study Bible suggests.

Though the exact date of the prophecies of Habakkuk are difficult to determine, it is likely that he prophesied a short time before the Babylonian invasions of Judah, which began in 605 B.C. During this time the Assyrian Empire was in decline, and the Babylonians were rising to replace them as the dominant power in the Near East.

An Outline of Habakkuk

The Bible Project

  1. Habakkuk’s Lamentation and God’s Response (1:1–2:5)
    1. Complaint #1 (1:2–4): Israel is Bad (e.g., Torah neglected; injustice prevails; leaders corrupt)
    2. Response #1 (1:5–11): Babylon is coming to judge
    3. Complaint #2 (1:12–2:1): Babylon is Worse!
    4. Response #2 (2:2–5): Babylon will be destroyed; the just shall live by faith
  2. Five Woes (2:6–20)
    1. Unjust economics (vv. 6–8)
    2. Unjust economics (vv. 9–11)
    3. Slave labor (vv. 12–14)
    4. Drunkenness  (vv. 15–17)
    5. Idolatry (vv. 18–20)
  3. Habakkuk’s Prayer (3:1–)
    1. God Appears in Power (vv. 1–7)
    2. Israel’s New Exodus (vv. 8–15)
    3. Habakkuk’s Hopeful Praise (vv. 16–19)

The ESV Study Bible

  1. Superscription (1:1)
  2. First Cycle (1:2–11)
    1. Habakkuk’s lament (1:2–4)
    2. God’s response (1:5–11)
  3. Second Cycle (1:12–2:20)
    1. Habakkuk’s lament (1:12–2:1)
    2. God’s response (2:2–20)
  4. Habakkuk’s Prayer (3:1–19)

The Message of the Twelve

  1. Introduction (1:1)
  2. First Cycle of Complaint and Response (1:2–11)
    1. Habakkuk’s First Complaint: “Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?” (1:2–4)
    2. Yahweh’s Response: “Look . . . observe—be utterly astounded!” (1:5–11)
  3. Second Cycle of Complaint and Response (1:12–2:5)
    1. Habakkuk’s Second Complaint: “So why do you tolerate those who are treacherous?” (1:12–17)
    2. Pause in the Dialogue: “I will watch to see what [God] will say to me . . .” (2:1)
    3. Yahweh’s Second Response: “But the righteous one will live by faith” (2:2–5)
  4. A Taunting Song of Woe Oracles: “Woe to him . . .” (2:6–20)
  5. A Psalm of Praise: “Yet I will triumph in Yahweh . . .” (3:1–19)

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