Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament: More Than 120 Notes on the Book of Joshua

joshua07This week we finished up our series on the book of Joshua. Here is a run down of all the notes, sermon, and related resources that we put together for that marvelous book.

120 Notes on (Almost) Every Chapter of Joshua

  1. Getting to Know Joshua, Son of Nun, and Joshua, Son of God: Or, 10 Things About Joshua 1
  2. Rahab’s Redemption: 10 Things About Joshua 2
  3. Baptism in the Jordan River: 10 Things about Joshua 3–4
  4. 10 Things about Joshua 5:1–12**
  5. A Text Filled with Types: 10 Things About Joshua 5–6
  6. How God’s Judgment upon Achan’s Sin Teaches Us to Find Grace in Christ: 10 Things about Joshua 7
  7. 10 Things about Joshua 8**
  8. His Mercy is More: 10 Things about Joshua 9
  9. Under His Feet: 10 Things About Joshua 10
  10. The Last Battle: 10 Things About Joshua 11–12
  11. 10 Things about Joshua 13–19**
  12. The Wisdom of God at Work in Israel and the Church: 10 Things About Joshua 20–21
  13. Old Testament Instruction for the New Testament Church: 10 Things About Joshua 22
  14. Love God, Flee Idols, and Remember That Jesus is with You: 10 Things about Joshua 23
  15. Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament: 10 Things about Joshua 24

** Placeholders for future ’10 Things’ on these chapters.

Sixteen Sermons on Joshua

  1. Seeing Joshua with New Eyes: Joshua, Jesus, and the Christian Life (Joshua 1)
  2. A Harlot’s Hope: The Gospel in One Chapter (Joshua 2)
  3. Remembering Baptism: Israel’s, Jesus’s, and Yours (Joshua 3–4)
  4. A New Beginning (Joshua 5) by Ben Purves
  5. The Battle Belongs to the Lord . . . and His Friends (Joshua 5–6)
  6. Revisiting the Sinner’s Prayer: How Achan’s Sin Teaches Us to Love God’s Justice (Joshua 7)
  7. A King, a Cross, and a Covenant: What Ai Teaches Our Technological Age (Joshua 8)
  8. His Mercy is More: God’s Surprising Kindness to Liars and Self Rely-ers (Joshua 9)
  9. The Lord is a Warrior (Joshua 10)
  10. The Last Battle: Five Portraits of Warfare for Life in an Embattled World (Joshua 11–12)
  11. Wholly Devoted: A Look at True Faith (Joshua 14) by Rod Fillinger
  12. God’s Treasure Map: An Invitation to Imagine Your Inheritance (Joshua 13–19)
  13. A City on a Hill: What the Levitical Cities Teach the Church About Glorifying God (Joshua 20–21)
  14. The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: Peace-Making That Rehearses the Gospel (Joshua 22)
  15. Beloved, Keep the Faith: What Jesus’s Final Words Say That Joshua’s Can’t (Joshua 23)
  16. Covenant Life: Yesterday, Today, and Forever (Joshua 24)

Three Articles on Joshua

  1. Finding the Macro-Structure of Joshua, with a Note for Expositional Preachers to Widen Their Vision
  2. Reading Joshua with the Early Church: Ten Quotes from the Patristics
  3. The Lord is a Warrior: Reading Joshua with Revelation and Revelation with Joshua

Soli Deo Gloria, ds