Because God Has Spoken: A Biblical Defense of Expositional Preaching (Deuteronomy 4:32–40)

bythebook04Because God Has Spoken: A Biblical Defense of Expositional Preaching

What is expositional preaching? And why is our church committed to it?

If you have ever wondered what the Bible says about preaching, Sunday’s sermon is for you. As we considered preaching in relationship to worship, I argued that expositional preaching is not only the best way to preach Scripture. It is also modeled by Moses (the first preacher) and many other inspired authors.

In the sermon, I showed how God’s speaking at Sinai led Moses to biblical exposition and how Deuteronomy itself models exposition of the Sinai Covenant. You can find the sermon online. Response questions are below, as are a few additional resources on expositional preaching.

Response Questions

  1. How do the questions of vv. 32-34 draw the reader to a conclusion?
  2. Why were these things shown to the people of Israel? What does God reveal about Himself through these events from Egypt to Sinai? (v.35)
  3. How do we see God’s grace in allowing His people to hear and see? (v. 36)
  4. What does God reveal through the events from Sinai to the Promised Land? (vv. 37-39)
  5. How does God call the people of God to live in response to His revealed Word? (v. 40)
  6. How does God’s revelation inform the way we worship? How does it inform the way we preach or hear preaching?
  7. Why is it so important for pastors to preach the text? What are ways preachers/hearers can go astray when we do not follow the text?
  8. How do words written long ago apply to Christ and the church today? How can you better prepare yourself to worship and respond to the Word of God?

Additional Resources

A Short Series on Expositional Preaching

Resources on Deuteronomy 4

Soli Deo Gloria, ds