Hope, Help, and Holding Fast: Storing Up Future Treasure with Present Riches (1 Timothy 6:17–21)


Hope, Help, and Holding Fast: Storing Up Future Treasure with Present Riches (1 Timothy 6:17–21)

On Sunday we finished the book of 1 Timothy. Since February, we have enjoyed learning about what it means to be a church made alive by Christ and directed by his Spirit. As we finished the series, we reminded ourselves what this whole letter was about and why Paul finished his words with one last word to the rich (6:17–19) and one final admonition to Timothy (6:20–21).

Whether you consider yourself rich or not, and whether you are in ministry or not, these final words of 1 Timothy give great wisdom on how to store up your treasure in heaven and guard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can listen to the sermon online. Response questions can be found below, as well as a list of all the sermons preached in this series.

Soli Deo Gloria, ds

Response Questions

  1. What temptations must the wealthy beware of?
  2. Do you find yourself tempted to pride/self-reliance when your finances are healthy? What truths do you need in order to remain humble?
  3. Do you find faith difficult in times of financial insecurity? Why or why not?
  4. What should it look like to steward the riches of this present age?
  5. What kind of treasure are you storing up? In what ways might you grow?
  6. How would you explain true life (6:19) vs death (5:6)?
  7. Practically, what does it look like for you to “guard the deposit” of the gospel that has been entrusted to you? How do you guard the gospel as an individual, and as a church?
  8. What temptations/distractions might distract Timothy from guarding the gospel?
  9. How would you summarize the message of 1 Timothy?
  10. What were highlights from this book? What have you been learning over these past few months?

Additional Resources

Here are thew 22 messages from our 1 Timothy series.

  1. Mercy: Our Family’s Theme Song (1 Timothy 1:1–2)
  2. Take Care, We Are All False Teachers at Heart (1 Timothy 1:3–7)
  3. The Good News of the Law (1 Timothy 1:8–11)
  4. Faith: God’s Greatest Gift (1 Timothy 1:12–20)
  5. Prayer: The Great Equalizer (1 Timothy 2:1–7) – Jared Bridges
  6. One Ransom for All: The Beautiful Scandal of God’s Universal Particularity (1 Timothy 2:5–7)
  7. A Beautiful Household (Pt.1): Men Who Pray, Women Who Work, and The God Who Saves (1 Timothy 2:8–10)
  8. A Beautiful Household (pt. 2): Brothers Who Lead, Sisters Who Labor, and a Heavenly Father Who Knows Best (1 Timothy 2:8–15)
  9. Elders Who Care vs. Elders?… Who Cares! (1 Timothy 3:1–7)
  10. How Deacons Gain a Hearing for The Gospel (1 Timothy 3:8–13)
  11. Female Deacons: A Fruit of Biblical Exposition, Not Cultural Accommodation (1 Timothy 3:11; cf. Isaiah 56:6; Acts 6:1–7; Romans 16:1–2)
  12. The Secret of Godliness (1 Timothy 3:14–16) – Rod Fillinger
  13. Seeing the Invisible God (1 Timothy 3:16)
  14. Satan v. Creation: How the Gospel Protects the Household of God (1 Timothy 4:1–5) – Rod Fillinger
  15. Training for Godliness: How a Good Servant of Jesus Christ Serves The Household of God (1 Timothy 4:6–16) – Rod Fillinger
  16. Caring for the Family Jesus Created (1 Timothy 5:1–8)
  17. Wise Mercy Means Supporting Tabitha, Correcting Delilah, and Encouraging Mary (1 Timothy 5:9–16)
  18. From the Gospel to Good Works: A Church’s How-To Manual for Elders (1 Timothy 5:17–25)
  19. Start With WHY: Working for God’s Glory, the Gospel, and Christ’s Church (1 Timothy 6:1–2)
  20. Two Ways to Crave (1 Timothy 6:2–10)
  21. Fighting the Good Fight of the Faith by Following the Good Lord and Fixing Our Eyes on the Invisible God (1 Timothy 6:11–16)
  22. Hope, Help, and Holding Fast: Storing Up Future Treasure with Present Riches (1 Timothy 6:17–21)