Caring for the Family Jesus Created (1 Timothy 5:1–8)

livingchurchCaring for the Family Jesus Created (1 Timothy 5:1–8)

Paul’s entire first letter to Timothy focuses on the family of God. And chapter 5 is perhaps the most relevant for disciples of Christ and how we care for our own families.

On Sunday we began to look at this practical and challenging chapter—what it says to pastors and their churches and to adult children and their aging parents. In short, Paul teaches us God is not just concerned about getting people to heaven, he also cares about the way his people care for one another on the journey.

You can listen to the sermon online. Response questions and additional resources are found below.

Response Questions

  1. Read 1 Timothy 5:1–2. What should characterize interactions in the household of God? Why is it essential to keep our shared membership in God’s family in view?
  2. What is the relationship between preachers and hearers (4:16–5:2)? How does that change (or confirm) the way you think about preachers? (See also, Titus 2:1–10)
  3. How does Paul define what it means to be “truly a widow”?
  4. How do children and grandchildren demonstrate godliness in their household? How have you followed this command, or seen others obey this command?
  5. What does Paul give as examples of life and death for widows? What does Paul teach about self-indulgence?
  6. How is providing for one’s household an affirmation of the faith? How is not providing a denial? What does care for widows or the lack thereof communicate?
  7. As the household of God, what are the implications for us if one of our sisters is a widow? What will our care or the lack thereof reveal about the gospel?

Additional Resources

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