On the Transgender Movement in Public Schools: Video and Written Resources

malefemaleThe Prince William County School Board is set to vote again on Proposal 060, the measure postponed last fall. This policy change would add sexual orientation and gender identity language to the non-discrimination policy of the public schools. Since last fall churches in our county have sought to speak with grace and truth in the public square.

Such speaking is not often easy, because it is often perceived that opposition to transgender policies is unloving towards those struggling with gender dysphoria. Yet, the most unloving thing we can do is permit falsehood to reign and children to be deceived by the messaging of the transgender movement. (See there agenda here).

In what follows, you can find a number of video resources about the transgender movement. Below that are written resources that can also be read and disseminated.

Video Resources

Transgender Ideology in Public Schools: Parents Fight Back — The Family Research Council

This video gives testimony from Fairfax County and the events of their school board. Much legal and practical wisdom can be gleaned here.

Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity — The Heritage Foundation

This video includes testimony from sexual assault survivor, a lesbian, and other women deeply concerned about the hurt women are and will receive because of transgender movement.

College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Identity — Family Policy Institute of Washington

Watch this four minute video where college students are asked questions about gender identity.

Ellen [Degeneres] Meets with Trailblazing Actor Asia Kate Dillon — Ellen

The transgender movement  depends upon a radically (postmodern) understanding of language and meaning—namely, that we can speak our own identities into existence. In this video you can see how famed-lesbian Ellen Degeneres struggles to keep up with the language being imposed by transgender movement.


Written Resources

In addition to these videos, there are a few written resources that may also help.

  1. For the family, Peter Sprigg (at the Family Research Council) has put together an eight-age guide for the transgender movement in the public schools. (PDF)
  2. For the public square, a friend has also written this short memo giving six reasons why the SOGI language should not be added to our public school’s non-discrimination policy.
  3. For churches and church leaders, I have written Ten Arguments for SOGI Laws refuted from the Bible.
  4. For everyone, there is a list of resources found on this blogpost: The Good News about Gender. This also includes a link to a sermon on gender.

For more information on how to compassionately understand gender dysphoria from a biblical perspective, the little book Transgender by Vaughan Roberts is excellent.

Finally, if you live in Prince William County, I encourage you to write your School Board Member and attend the June 7 and June 21 meetings. You can sign up to speak here.

Soli Deo Gloria, ds