Gregory Nazianzen on the Trinity

In The Holy Trinity, Robert Letham refers to T.F. Torrance’s assertion that John Calvin’s Trinitarian theology was developed, in part, by the Trinitarian formulations of Gregory Nazianzen.  That is a mouthful, and an amazing pedigree–Gregory Naz, John Calvin, T.F. Torrance, Robert Letham (p. 267).  Though Torrance’s connection between Gregory and Calvin  has been debated by some (cf. Tony Lane), Calvin was at least familiar with Greg Naz, as is shown in the following quotation in Calvin’s writings.

I encourage you to meditate on Gregory’s unity and diversity held together in this Trinitarian reflection.  Speaking of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, the Cappadocian father writes:

No sooner do I conceive of the one than I am illumined by the splendour of the three; no sooner do I distinguish them than I am carried back to the one.  When I think of any one of the three I think of him as the whole, and my eyes are filled, and the greater part of what I am thinking escapes me.  I cannot grasp the greatness of that one so as to attribute a greater greatness to the rest.  When I contemplate the three together, I see but one torch, and cannot divide or measure out the undivided light.

May we continue to delight in the immeasurable perfections of our Triune God.

Sola Deo Gloria, dss