Singing the Psalms

Do you sing the Psalms? If not, why not?

Joe Holland makes a strong argument for including the Psalms in our corporate worship and daily lives. His blog on “Rediscovering the Psalms” makes a case for the value and vitality of finding a good Psalter and singing God’s word.

He writes of an encounter with a Peruvian minister who challenged his thinking in the way he intentionally chose the Psalms as an instrument for renewing minds of his congregation with the biblical, theological, and missional content of the Psalms. He writes of the Peruvian pastor:

First, he was convicted that psalm singing was the biblical pattern of New Testament worship. Second, he was fighting heresy in his churches. False teaching slipped into his churches through folk songs slightly adjusted for worship. Psalm singing was his attempt to guard his people from heresy sung to a familiar tune. Third, he said, “I sing psalms because they are militant.” He wanted to teach his people that Christians daily engage in spiritual warfare. The psalms provided a war-time mentality to his young churches.

From there Holland goes on to give eight reasons why we ought to sing the Psalms. Here are his points:

1. When you sing psalms you literally sing the Bible.
2. When you sing the psalms you interact with a wealth of theology.
3. When you sing the psalms you are memorizing Scripture.
4. When you sing the psalms you guard against heresy.
5. When you sing the psalms you engage a collection of songs that address the full range of human emotions.
6. When you sing the psalms you praise the person and work of Jesus Christ.
7. When you sing the psalms you are training for spiritual warfare.
8. When you sing the psalms you are engaging the communion of saints.

May we considered his exhortations, find a good Psalter, and sing praises to our king, sing praises (Ps. 47:6).

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  1. Athanasius has some wonderful thoughts about Psalm-singing in his little letter (On the Interpretation of the Psalms) which you can find at the end of some editions of (On the Incarnation.)

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