Weekend Website: Biblical Training dot org

For the last couple of years I have benefitted from Biblical Training.org. It is a website filled with online classes by world-class scholars for pastors, students, and lay leaders. In recent years, it has turned its attention to include missionaries and internationals, helping every demographic have a better understanding of the basics of the faith. There is no cost to the listen to the classes (many of which are seminary lectures). They cover a range of topics including: hermeneutics, systematic theology, practical ministry, and world religions. Some of the teachers include: John Piper, Bryan Chappell, Thomas Schreiner, Bruce Ware, and many others. The President and Founder of the ministry is renowned Greek Scholar and pastor, Bill Mounce. This is his vision:

Initially I was thinking in terms of elder training in the local, American church, but the dream quickly expanded to becoming a major training site for people around the world. I am the most excited when I think about what these classes can do around the world, especially in the hands of the poorest of the poor in the majority world.

It has been great to see this website develop over the last few years, and to the way the Lord is using Dr. Mounce’s vision to expand biblical training to the frontiers of Christian missions. So this weekend, as you have time, check out the website! If you like what you see, tell others, and if the Lord inclines your heart, join in the ministry and help provide solid biblical training to the nations.

Lord Jesus, may your gospel reach to the nations, and may this training vehicle be but one of the appointed means.

Sola Deo Gloria, dss

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