Weekend Website: Biblical Training dot org

For the last couple of years I have benefitted from Biblical Training.org. It is a website filled with online classes by world-class scholars for pastors, students, and lay leaders. In recent years, it has turned its attention to include missionaries and internationals, helping every demographic have a better understanding of the basics of the faith. There is no cost to the listen to the classes (many of which are seminary lectures). They cover a range of topics including: hermeneutics, systematic theology, practical ministry, and world religions. Some of the teachers include: John Piper, Bryan Chappell, Thomas Schreiner, Bruce Ware, and many others. The President and Founder of the ministry is renowned Greek Scholar and pastor, Bill Mounce. This is his vision:

Initially I was thinking in terms of elder training in the local, American church, but the dream quickly expanded to becoming a major training site for people around the world. I am the most excited when I think about what these classes can do around the world, especially in the hands of the poorest of the poor in the majority world.

It has been great to see this website develop over the last few years, and to the way the Lord is using Dr. Mounce’s vision to expand biblical training to the frontiers of Christian missions. So this weekend, as you have time, check out the website! If you like what you see, tell others, and if the Lord inclines your heart, join in the ministry and help provide solid biblical training to the nations.

Lord Jesus, may your gospel reach to the nations, and may this training vehicle be but one of the appointed means.

Sola Deo Gloria, dss

Beginning with Moses (Weekend Website)

In keeping with the turn towards biblical theology, this weekend’s website is Beginning with Moses.  Taking its name from Luke 24, this website is dedicated to offering “briefings on biblical theology.”  It is filled with insightful articles from some of the world’s premier biblical theologians, living and dead (i.e. Graeme Goldsworthy, D.A. Carson, Richard Gaffin, Edmund Clowney, even Carl Henry).  The website also has articles from younger biblical-theologians like Simon Gathercole, Carl Trueman, and SBTS’s most recent faculty addition, Jim Hamilton

Additionally, the website offers an extensive list of book recommendations, book reviews, and web links to other biblical-theological resources.  The four contributors are David and Jonathan Gibson, Andrew Grundy, and Dave Bish.  Since 2002 these four have committed themselves to promoting high-quality biblical theology–Goldsworthy, Gathercole, and David Jackman serve as the sites overseers.  They are from from the UK (one is now studying at Moore Theological College in Sydney), and from their brief bio’s it seems that most, if not all, are/have been divinity students and ministers of the gospel.  One just finished his PhD at Aberdeen.  In short, their website is a gem with a rich array of biblical content.

So check out Beginning with Moses this weekend.  If you are at all interested in the subject of biblical theology you will visit often. 

Sola Deo Gloria, dss

Weekend Websites: Audio Resources from Desiring God and 9 Marks

One of the most edifying activities that I have engaged in since becoming a Christian has been listening to sermons, biographies, and interviews while driving, working at home, or doing monotonous computer work.  When I was a church janitor in Chattanooga, TN, I would often and repeatedly listen to John Piper’s expository messages as I vacuumed the church.  On many solitary cross-country drives, Dr. Piper was again my tour guide.  He introduced me to so many heroes of the faith through his yearly biographical messages from his pastor’s conference.  His voice still reverberates in my mind, even today, as I think about his inspiring messages on Spurgeon, Brainerd, Luther, Owen, Paton, Calvin, and others.  

More recently, I have begun listening to the Mark Dever’s audio interviews.  I await with anticipation the first day of every month, when 9 Marks Ministries (typically) releases new interviews with pastors, theologians, and church leaders.  These  engaging and lively conversations have clarified my thinking on many theological and ecclesial matters and they always rekindle my desire to serve the Christ’s church.  My favorite interview is definitely C.J. Mahaney’s interview with Mark Dever.  If you know anything about C.J., you can understand why.  If you are experienicng any kind of depression in life or ministry, this interview will surely lift your soul.  (In the spirit of these interviews, I even attempted to conduct one myself at SBTS with Dr. Jonathan Pennington, in an interview sponsored by the Theology School Council at Southern Seminary).

With all that said, I commend these two resources as this weekend’s website(s): Desiring God’s biographies and 9 Marks interviews.  These treasure troves are filled with wisdom and they are conducted in a format that I have found can be received and enjoyed in a variety of settings.  Unlike sermons, I can listen to them while doing a variety of things.  For me, sermons take much more effort to process and apply, and so they require a healthy measure of reflection and repentance.  These audio other audio formats–biography and interview– may at times call for such response, but typically they are more readily processible as you go about your daily affairs–mindlessly working on the computer, driving, having dominion over your home (i.e. chores), or vacuuming the church.  I have benefitted immensely from these audio resources, and I hope you will do the same.  In a world that beckons us to be conformed to its standards, meditating on these edifying conversations can be a salubrious antidote to its corrupting effects and a tremedous means of spiritual and ministerial growth.  I hope you will join me in listening.

Sola Deo Gloria, dss

Weekend Website (1): NASA’s Daily Image Gallery










Starting this weekend, I will begin posting a Weekend Website–something worth taking a few minutes to check out over the weekend.  With respect to my visit to the Kennedy Space Center, this weekend’s post is NASA’s Daily Image Gallery

Its daily images alternate between space technology snapshots and photographs from outer space.  The picture above is one of those glorious visions of the heavens that ought to lead us to humble worship and adoration for the Maker and Sustainer of the cosmos in which we live.  Check out the website and ponder the magnificence of God’s creation and the One who made it all.

Sola Dei Gloria, dss