A Marriage Meditation

This summer I am working on an applied ministry project with Dr. Randy Stinson that involves developing curriculum that considers ways in which marriage demonstrates the gospel to Christians and non-Christians. Though this project is just starting to take shape–there are many pages to be read and thoughts to be clarified–there has already been some excellent reading in Geoffrey Bromiley’s God and Marriage. Consider this marriage meditation:

Marriage has a christological origin, basis, and starting-point. In creating man–male and female–in his own image, and joinging them together so that they become one flesh, God makes us copies both of himself in his trinitarian unity and disctionction as one God and three persons and of himself in relation to the people of his gracious election. Analogically, what is between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and what ought to be and is and shall be between God and Isreal and Christ and the church, is also what is meant to be in the relation of man and woman and more specifically of husband and wife. Neither the intratrinitarian relationship nor the union between the heavenly bridegroom and his bride is a good copy of a bad original. Earthly marriage as it is now lived out is a bad copy of a good original (77).

It is amazing that as God allows husbands and wives to participate in this God-inspired union, we, as monogamous couples, are somehow reflecting, however poorly, the Triune God. In this, marriage is more than just an earthly construct, it is a portrait of the sublimist heavenly reality: a holy God sending his beloved Son to purchase and purify a radiant bride (cf. Song of Songs; Ezek. 16; Hosea; Eph. 5:22-33; Rev. 19:6-10). To God be the glory!

More on this in the days ahead…