Why Blog?

For today, let me pose a question that may take a few days to work out.  The question is: Why blog? 

Surely there are many reasons and motivations to avoid and guard against.  Snares like diffusing gossip, espousing puffed-up views of our own invention, promoting ones self  and their ministry for personal gain, unrighteous proclivities towards argumentation and disagreement, or simple intimidation to speak truth in person are a sampling of some negative reasons people (Christians) blog.  However, with such a broadband capability for delivering truth and testimony for Christ, such a medium also has limitless potetntial for doing good and proclaiming the gospel.  Edifying dialogue and inquiry, gospel conversation and explanation, Christocentric testimony, and Bible-saturated reflections on everyday life are all positive aspects.  To these we must hold fast. 

Today, in answering the question, “Why blog?” let me recommend the words of J. A. James, an eighteenth century puritan-esque preacher, and suggest that one good reason for blogging is the ever-needed communication of the gospel and the aim of converting sinners (albeit, only by the work of the Spirit).  His words chasten us and sharpen our focus on Jesus’ Great Commission.  Simultaneously, his words present a caution of thinking to highly of our blogs or of our clever turns of phrase.  May his words, uttered long before computers, Internet, and blogs, be constantly kept in mind as we hit the submit or publish button.

The thought of having done any thing to save souls from death gives [me] far more delight than he could have derived from having made the largest acquirements in learning and science, or from having gained a reputation for genius and taste. There is a time coming to every man when the knowledge of having been the instrument of plucking a single brand from the eternal burning, will yield him more real satisfaction than the certainty of having accomplished the loftiest objects of literary ambition(John Angell James, An Earnest Ministry [Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1993; Reprint: 1847], xvii).

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  1. Hi Guy! 7/27/08

    I finally read your blog for the first time. I will come back to visit many times, praising God for your love of the Lord expressed in this way. May your prayers be answered that others are touched by the Lord via “Viaemmaus”.

    Love you, MOM

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