Via Emmaus

So again, on another website, with the same name.  I try my hand again at this thing called blogging.  With more humble intentions this time, I write– not trying to write bits-and-pieces of a theological treatise, but rather aiming to simply articulate thoughts on biblical theology, contemporary ecclesiology, and anything else on which the gospel light shines.  This is the concept; Jesus Christ is the content.  For in Him all things are united (Eph. 1:10) and by Him are all things explained (Luke 24).  He is the creator, sustainer, savior, and Lord, and to Him does this blog seek to point.  Following the trajectory of Scripture that leads all things to him (John 5:39), seeks to understand all life in the radiance of his glory.  And so it is called Via Emmaus.

This blog derives its name from the account in Luke 24, where two disciples are caught on the road (via ) fleeing Jerusalem for easier days in Emmaus.  Graciously, Jesus appears to them, interprets the enigmatic current events of His resurrection in light of Scripture, and explains how He–thought still hidden to them– is the fulfillment of all the law, prophets, and psalms, and prompts them to return to Jerusalem.  Such “biblical theology” explained reality and redemption to these wayward disciples.

So too, my prayer for this blog is that it might be a place where people are likewise turned back to the cross, to the resurrection, and to the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ.  Just as the two doubting disciples returned to the Lord’s assembly in the middle of the night after hearing Christ’s words, may those who are here pointed to his sufficient Word, the Bible, experience greater hope and faith in the inspired truths therein contained.  My hope is that this blog will not take on a life of its own, but rather that it would point to the true life, King Jesus.  That in the end, it would simply be a signpost or a watering hole for those walking the dusty road from–not to– Emmaus.

Soli Dei Gloria!