Via Emmaus Bible Reading Plan: A Few Resources on Micah

IMG_3258This month our Bible reading plan takes us to the Minor Prophets. To help us assemble these books and understand their message, here are a number of resources to Micah, the first book of The Twelve. You can find more information about the Minor Prophets here.

An Outline of Micah

While the structure of Micah can be “hard to fathom” (Longman and Dillard, An Introduction to the Old Testament, 2nd Ed., 449), the general outline cycles around the twin themes of judgment and salvation. We can see this in each of the following outlines.

The Message of the Twelve

In their study of Micah, Fuhr and Yates outline the book according to three cycles of judgment and salvation (p. 186).

Micah 1–2 Micah 3–5 Micah 6–7
The Judgment of Samaria and Their Corrupt Leaders (1:1–2:11) The Failure of Judah’s Leaders and the Coming Destruction of Jerusalem (3:1–12) Judah’s Failure to Practice Justice and the Disappearance of the Godly (6:1–7:7)
Salvation: The Promise of the Restoration of the Remnant (2:12–13) Salvation: The Future Kingdom of Peace and Justice Under the Rule of Messiah (4:1–5:15) Salvation: The Vindication of Jerusalem and the Godly and the Removal of Israel’s Sin (7:8–20)

The ESV Study Bible

The ESV Study Bible provides a very thorough outline of Micah. Here’s a condensed version of that outline.

  1. Superscription (1:1)
  2. The Announcement of Judgment on Israel and Judah (1:2–2:13)
  3. The Present Injustice and the Future Prospect of Just Rule in Jerusalem (3:1–5:15)
    1. Present leaders denounced (3:1–12)
    2. Jerusalem’s restoration among the nations—promised (4:1–7)
    3. Jerusalem’s restoration among the nations—accomplished (4:8–5:15)
  4. The Lord’s Indictment and Restoration of His People (6:1–7:20)
    1. Israel accused: covenant violation (6:1–8)
    2. Crisis in relationship (6:9–7:7)
    3. Zion’s repentance and renewed faith in Yahweh’s help (7:8–13)
    4. Restoration of the relationship between Israel and Yahweh (7:14–20)

The Bible Project

The Bible Project also picks up the back-and-forth between judgment and hope. Here is Tim Mackie’s outline.

  1. Cycle #1 (1:1–2:13)
    1. Accusations and Warnings, esp. on the leaders and prophets (1:1–2:11)
    2. Hope of Restoration — a new royal shepherd (2:12–13)
  2. Cycle #2 (3:1–5:14)
    1. Accusations and Warnings on Israel’s injustice (3:1–12)
    2. Hope of Restoration — a new city with a new king
      1. A New Jerusalem (4:1–7)
      2. The people return (4:8–13)
      3. A New King (5:1–6)
      4. The people bless the nations (5:7–14)
  3. Cycle #3 (6:1–7:20)
    1. Final Judgment (6:1–7:7)
    2. Final Word of Hope (7:8–20) — based on (1) God’s character and (2) God’s promise

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