Via Emmaus Bible Reading Plan: A Few Resources on Obadiah

IMG_0628This month our Bible reading plan takes us to the Minor Prophets. To help us assemble these books and understand their message, here are a number of resources to Obadiah, the first book of The Twelve. You can find more information about the Minor Prophets here.

An Outline of Obadiah

Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament, but brevity does not mean simplicity. Here are three outlines to help grasp this rich book.

The Bible Project

  1. Accusations against Edom’s Leaders (vv. 1–14)
  2. Hinge: The Day of the Lord is Near to All Nations . . . (v. 15)
  3. The Day of the Lord for all the Nations (vv. 16–21)

The Message of the Twelve

  1. Obadiah 1–9: The Coming Judgment of Edom
  2. Obadiah 10–14: The Lord Avenges His People
  3. Obadiah 15–21: The Day of the Lord is Near

The ESV Study Bible

  1. First Announcement of Judgment to Edom (vv. 1–4)
  2. Second Announcement of Judgment to Edom (vv. 5–7)
  3. Announcement of Judgment, Accusation, and Warning to Edom (vv. 8–15)
  4. Promise of Restoration and Victory to Israel (vv. 16–18)
  5. Promise of Restoration and Yahweh’s Kingship (vv. 19–21)

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