Thinking Biblically About Transgenderism

timeAfter last week’s primetime interview with Bruce Jenner, it is hard to ignore the normalization of transgenderism in our culture. With an ever-increasing advocacy of “erotic liberty,” Christians need to understand what transgenderism is and how the gospel of Jesus Christ brings hope to the trans community, even as the gospel brings pardon and purity to all of us.

To help you think about these matters, I’ve found and listed below a dozen helpful articles on transgenderism. Some of them introduce the subject and provide the medical details, others engage culture and provide insight on how to apply the gospel to this growing area of discipleship. I pray they may help you think biblically about this issue and even more to develop a loving burden for transgender people.



Cultural Engagement

The setting for the first transgender surgeries (mostly male-to-female) was in university-based clinics, starting in the 1950s and progressing through the 1960s and the 1970s. When the researchers tallied the results and found no objective proof that it was successful—and, in fact, evidence that it was harmful—the universities stopped offering sex-reassignment surgery.

Since then, private surgeons have stepped in to take their place. Without any scrutiny or accountability for their results, their practices have grown, leaving shame, regret, and suicide in their wake. Keep reading . . .

  • What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner?” by Russell Moore ( — As always, Dr. Moore’s cultural commentary on matters of gender are worth reading.
  • The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern But Necessary Critique” by Carlos D. Flores (The Public Discourse) – The author makes two points worth considering. First, by way of analogy he shows the folly of trying to be someone you are not. Second, he rightly perceives medicine as that science of restoring the body to its proper working order. Building his case on the (correct) assumption that ontology and God-given physiology matter, he shows the absurdity of trying to make something (or someone) out of mythical desire of wanting to be something we are not. His argument is not politically correct, but it is on point.

Christian Witness and Discipleship

  • What the Gospel Has to Say to Transgendered Persons” by David Schrock (Canon and Culture) — Drawing on an observation made by Craig Kline (see above), that the Bible is full of discussion about genital surgery (i.e., circumcision), I point believers and unbelievers to see that the transformation transgender people desire can only be achieved through the heart circumcision of the gospel.
  • What Would Jesus Say to Leelah Alcorn?” by Garrett Kell (CBMW) — Garrett takes us to the Scriptures to think biblically about the tragedy of Joshua “Leelah” Alcorn’s suicide.
  • Joan or John?” by Russell Moore (TGC) – Dr. Moore provides a biblical, ethical, and practical answer to the question: How should a church counsel a new believer who has undergone a sex-change operation in the past.
  • How to Disciple a Transexual” by Bob Thune (TGC) — Bob reminds us that transgender people are hurting people who are in need of the gospel and genuine love of Christians.

Through these articles, may God equip his church to love the trans community and share the life-giving message of the gospel that will do more than reassemble the flesh—it cand and will circumcise hearts, providing grace and peace to those whose self-identity is awash in confusion. And that is everyone of us!

If you have or know of other resources on this subject, please add them in the comments.

Soli Deo Gloria, ds

3 thoughts on “Thinking Biblically About Transgenderism

  1. Thank you. I was a male-to-fake-female transgenderist for 13 years until two years ago I stopped taking estrogen (due to health concerns) and completely snapped out of the delusion, thank God. I am living as my own natural self, a man, and I feel so blessed and happy. I have repented and asked God for forgiveness.

    I hope you will consider linking this page to a web site that I made in an effort to let people know what is really going on when apparently normal heterosexual men, regular guys you might say, decide to surgically and hormonally modify their bodies and become “women.” For men like Bruce Jenner (and like myself, 15 years ago), “gender identity” is an alibi to conceal an embarrassing truth: They are erotically attracted to the fantasy of themselves “as women.” It is a condition called “autogynephilia.” Here is one page in particular to which I hope you might link:

    What many transgender activists don’t want you to know: and why you should know it anyway

    Thanks very much for considering this. God bless you.

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