Raised for Our Justification (Sermon Audio)

But the words “it was counted to him” were not written for his sake alone, but for ours also. It will be counted to us who believe in him who raised from the dead Jesus our Lord, who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.
– Romans 4:23-25 –

On Resurrection Sunday I preached a message on Romans 4:23-25. I asked the question: What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ mean? And I showed from Romans 4:25 how Christ’s resurrection served to justify his people. In four points, I argued

  1. Justification comes from belief in God’s word, not our personal fancies
  2. Justification comes from belief in the God of history, not merely belief in historical facts
  3. Justification comes from belief in the Gospel, not our works
  4. Justification comes from Christ himself

On this last point, I aimed to show Christ died and rose as public person, not a private individual. In biblical terminology, Christ died and rose again as a Bridegroom purifying his bride, a Shepherd rescuing his sheep, and the Head of the Church justifying his body.

Accordingly, when Christ was raised from the grave justified his bride, his sheep, his church. It is a glorious truth, one worth pondering now and forever. Here’s the message.

Soli Deo Gloria, dss




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