Together for the Gospel

t4gToday begins Together for the Gospel 2014.

For the last decade I have lived in Louisville or near enough to Louisville that I have had the joyous opportunity to be apart of this Gospel-centered assembly. Today, I with about eight to ten thousand other brothers (and sisters) will assemble in the Yum Center to worship Christ through song, conversation, and best of all . . . preaching.

As I go, I think about many messages that continue to impact my ministry and my understanding of the gospel. And so I share four of my favorites. Watch them now, or better, watch them later. Because beginning today at 1:00pm, you can watch T4G 2014 online.

In order, here are my four favorite (read: most memorable, most theologically stimulating, or most spiritually encouraging) messages from Together for the Gospel 2008, 2010, and 2012.

David Platt, “Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions” (2012). Preaching from Revelation 4-5, David shows how definite atonement fuels universal missions.

Ligon Duncan, “The Underestimated God,” (2012). Taking his lead from the life of Elijah, Ligon Duncan showed a man committed to God, whose greatest desires for God’s glory were not realized in his lifetime, but only in the long arc of redemptive history. This is one of the most encouraging messages for pastors that I’ve ever heard. If you feel alone and discouraged in minstry, this message will strengthen your soul!

John MacArthur, The Theology of Sleep” (2010). For anyone who labors to proclaim the word of God, Pastor MacArthur’s twofold admonition from Mark 4 is to sow and to sleep. God will grow the Word, when his servants preach the Word, therefore we can rest in the power of the gospel.

John Piper, Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel? (2010). Unable to address N. T. Wright in person in 2010 at ETS in Atlanta, John Piper gives a stunning vision of justification by faith from Luke 18. The logic of the gospel is on full display in a way that only John Piper can present.

If you are at T4G this week, I hope to see you. If you are not, tune in to what God is doing. Then later go back and watch these messages. They will exhilarate your soul and lead you to worship with greater understanding and passion.

Soli Deo Gloria, dss