Lord’s Day Meditation: What Do We Really Need?

What is it that we really need?

In a world full of felt needs and artificially created needs, there are plenty of commercial answers. But in a fallen world where death still reigns, there are also needs that go beyond anything that Wal-Mart sells or that Dr. Phil endorses. What do we really need?

Only Scripture gives us a true answer, and I suggest a few meditation for you on our Lord’s Day.

What Humanity Really Needs, No Man Can Provide

Is it a new start? No, Noah proves that a new start only delays the inevitable—sin, curse, separation, and death.

Is it a new place? No, Abraham was given a new place and promised a new people and a new land, yet the father of the nations still erred. His offspring include the line of Ishmael and in his own generation he died.

Is it a new law? No, God gave to Israel through Moses a new law, the best that was ever fashioned. Yet, Israel as a chosen race and a holy nation, failed to live up to their calling as a royal priesthood. They rebelled against God, and eventually experienced the exile on account of their covenant disobedience.

Is it a new leader? No, in David God chose a leader after his own heart. David was God’s man and was promised an eternal throne. Yet, the unfaithfulness of his sons eventually sealed Israel’s downfall. If the people were judged because of their law-breaking; they were equally condemned because of their fallen kings.

Is it renewed wisdom or unsurpassed riches? No again. David’s greatest son Solomon possessed wisdom and wealth. Greater than any man was this son of David. Kings and queens traveled far and wide to simply enter his presence. His people rejoiced to have him as king. Yet, still his heart was led astray, proving the mutability of man’s wisdom.

What then will resolve man’s problems? What will make wrong right? Atone for sins? Heal the hurting? Comfort the lonely? Reconcile enemies? Strengthen the weak? Make all things new?

What Man Really Needs, Only God Can Supply

As the entirety of the Old Testament testifies, the answer does not come from mankind. The answer is not found in a new start, a new place, a new law, or a new leader. Having the greatest wealth or wisdom will not cut it. What is needed?

A new life.

In 1 Corinthians 15, the first Adam, the prototype of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Solomon, is contrasted with the last Adam, Jesus Christ, the greater savior, greater nation builder, greater mediator, greater king, and greater wise man. Paul writes and says,

The first man Adam became a living being; the last Adam (Jesus) became a life-giving spirit. (v. 45)

As the fulfillment of all the Old Testament types, Jesus has perfectly fulfilled the law, inherited the blessing of the law, won the right to sit on the throne, and rule the world with wisdom, justice, and compassion. He is the solution. He alone can make all things new. He alone has the power to raise the dead. And he alone gives devastated sinners hope that new life is possible.

Tomorrow, as we gather to worship, may God be pleased to open our hearts to see Jesus Christ, the desire of the nations, the hope of the world, the life-giving Spirit who alone can heal our wounds, forgive our sins, and straighten our paths. He alone gives life and ultimately, that is exactly what we need!

Tomorrow, our church considers the resurrecting power of God in Christ from John 11. I pray that many who are weak will be strengthened, many who are broken will be bound up, and that many who are dead will be made spiritually alive. This is what Jesus has the power to do. He did this for Lazarus two millennia ago, and he is still raising the dead to life today.

If you don’t know him, cry out to him that he might raise you up. If you do know him, thank him for his resurrecting power. And then go tell someone else about him.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day, dss