The Key to Twenty-First Century Evangelism

Last fall, David Mathis wrote an insightful piece on hospitality as the ‘key’ to evangelism in the twenty-first century. He writes,

In a progressively post-Christian society, the importance of hospitality as an evangelistic asset is growing rapidly. Increasingly, the most strategic turf on which to engage the unbelieving with the good news of Jesus may be the turf of our own homes.

When people don’t gather in droves for stadium crusades, or tarry long enough on the sidewalk to hear your gospel spiel, what will you do? Where will you interact with the unbelieving about the things that matter most?

Invite them to dinner.

For several of us in Childers’s class, the lights went on after his dramatic revelation. Biblical texts on hospitality were springing to mind. A theme we’d previously thought of as a secondary fellowship-type-thing was taking shape as a significant strategy for evangelism in a post-Christian milieu.

This is so true and so energizing. The fact is stadium crusades and and big tent revivals are a thing of the past. Last fall, our church—seated in a very Christianized small-town (e.g., Christian hymns still ring downtown at noon)—organized a ‘revival.’  Few came.

Those in my generation are not interested in such a gathering.  They have no context for it and for them, they have no ‘need’ for it.

While the attractional activity is not entirely passe, we need to find more ways to engage our neighbors. And one of the best ways—certainly not the only way—is through the simple invitation to dinner or dessert.

The rest of this article, “Hospitality and the Great Commission,” is equally valuable. Take ten minutes to read it, and then take another ten mintues to pray for the person you will invite to dinner.

Soli Deo Gloria, dss

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  1. Have you read A Meal with Jesus by Chester? I found it to be an extremely thoughtful read in the area of the gospel & hospitality/food. Hope life is well man!

    • I have looked at it, but haven’t read it. Maybe I should go back and read it. Thanks for the reference. Hope you guys are well.

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