For Your Edification (5.14.12)

For Your Edification is a bi-weekly set of resources on the subjects of Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Family Life.  Let me know what you think or if you have other resources that growing Christians should be aware.  


On the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament. Professor of New Testament Studies and Biblical Studies at Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, Ardel Caneday, has started an excellent discussion of how the New Testament uses the Old Testament.  Part 1 can be found at the Credo blog, and future installments should follow.

For an excellent resource on this see Beale and Carson’s book-by-book commentary, Commentary of the New Testament Use of the Old Testament.


Eschatology in song. What do world-renowned New Testament scholar, a sixties rocker, and a Taylor Guitar have in common? Watch and find out.

When the Man Comes Around. Here is another sixties rocker singing about eschatology.  How many biblical allusions can you count?

Even Moore Cash. Russell Moore has greatly influenced my understanding of eschatology, the already/not yet, and Christ-centered hermeneutics.  But he was also the person who introduced me to Johnny Cash in the frequent references to the “man in black” in his Sunday School and seminary classes.  Dr. Moore is a connoisseur of all things Cash and has offered many insightful reflections on his music on his weekly program called “The Cross and the Jukebox.”  Take a listen.

“The Engineer’s Dying Child” by Johnny Cash

“Drive On” by Johnny Cash

“A Boy Named Sue,” by Johnny Cash

The Cross and the Jukebox: Ring of Fire

“Man in Black” and “Hurt,” by Johnny Cash

As professor of theology and Dean of the Theology School at Southern Seminary, Dr. Moore has written a very helpful book on eschatology and its development since World War II.  See his The Kingdom of Christ.  You can also find full reading list from his doctrinal seminary on Eschatology that may help you do some reading on the subject.

Already and Not Yet.  Perhaps you have already seen this poster but have not yet purchased it. I could have provided a really helpful quote from George E. Ladd on eschatology, but instead I chose this.


25 Ways to Provoke our children to angerPaul Tautges, pastor of  Immanuel Bible Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and author of  Teach Them to Pray,  Counsel Your Flock, and a handful of other counseling books has a listed twenty-five ways parents can provoke our children to anger.  This list is a good reminder that there are countless ways for us, as parents, to go wrong, and how much we need to daily submit ourselves to the examination of God’s word, repent of our failures, believe the gospel again, and press on in our calling to disciple our children.

The Story of Evolution. Here is a humorous explanation of the scientific theory of evolution and why it fails to be compelling.  Many have adopted this secular myth, that the world came into being through the combination of chance and time, but in the end it has no compelling narrative, no aesthetic beauty, nor any grounding for morality.  For a helpful resource on the debates between creation and evolution, see World Magazine’s book of the year for 2011: Should Christians Embrace Evolution?: Biblical and Scientific Responses.  You can read the whole chapter on “Adam and Eve” by Michael Reeves online.

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  1. any times have I thought about doing a study of the evolution of musician’s faith based on the songs they sing throughout their career, largely inspired by Johnny Cash.

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