Puritan Manliness

A man who loves God’s Word is one of God’s choicest servants.  In fact, only those who regularly meditate on God’s word can be called manly men, as defined by the Bible.

On that subject, Baptist pastor I.D.E. Thomas writes of the Puritans as exemplars of this kind of word-centered manliness.

These men [the Puritans] brought to their work a manliness and a thoroughness that one meets all too rarely in current evangelical theology.  They were men of the stamp of Samuel Rutherford, who in order to spend his time in prayer and study, would commonly rise about three in the morning.  Or John Preston, who was so indulgent in study that he begrudged the very hours he had to sleep!  To counteract this, ‘he would let the bed clothes [read: blankets] hang down, that in the night they might fall off, and so the cold awaken him” (A Puritan Golden Treasury, p. 8).

May God grant the church and the world such men, who like David rose early and stayed up late pondering God (Ps 5:3; cf. Ps 1:2; 55:16-18), so that in the heat of the day they would have strength to stand.

Soli Deo Gloria, dss