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I recently had the opportunity to review a couple of new books on the cross of Christ.  Graham Cole’s God the Peacemaker and Atonement, a compilation edited by Gabriel Fluhrer, are both helpful treatments on the work of Christ.  In the former, Australian-native and TEDS professor, Cole provides a biblical-theologial treatment of the atonement which delves into the personal and universal effects of the cross.  In the latter, evangelical stalwarts like J.I. Packer, J.M Boice, Sinclair Ferguson, and others expound Scripture to give a rich treatment of the beauty and majesty of the cross.

You can read both of my reviews at TGC Reviews–which by the way is a brand new website connected with the Gospel Coalition, and looks to be an excellent resource for pointing people to high-octane books.  I appreciate Mike Pohlman and John Starke who are coordinating this project.  Well Done!  Check it out:

Soli Deo Gloria, dss

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