Four Volumes of Biblical Theology…for free!!!

Simon Gerrit De Graaf  was a minister of the Reformed Church in the Netherlands during the early twentieth-century (1889-1955).  During the course of his ministry he wrote a four-volume work called Promise and DeliveranceIt is a comprehensive set of lessons tracing the redemptive story of salvation from Genesis to Revelation.  While long in content, its original intention was aimed at teaching children how to read the Bible with eyes to see the grand story of “promise and deliverance.”  Here is what the Publisher’s Note says in Volume I:

Each chapter of Promise and Deliverance begins with a short discussion of points to bear in mind when studying the story or telling it to children. After this introductory section, the author formulates the story’s main thought in a single sentence. For the sake of emphasis, this sentence is set off from the rest of the text and printed in italic type. Then comes the narrative itself, which makes up the bulk of the chapter. Since some readers will also want to use the narrative sections as a story Bible aimed at older children, the narrative is presented in slightly larger type than the background material at the beginning of each chapter, which is not intended for reading aloud.

So, much like Jonathan Gibson’s The Story of a Kingdom , De Graaf’s work looks to be an excellent resource in studying the Bible diachronically, that is along the lines of redemptive histor.  In a brief review, Drew Goodmanson remarks, “De Graaf does a great job moving beyond the ‘moral lesson’ or ‘typical point’ used in the stories of the Bible to seeing OT stories as foreshadows of Jesus and all part of the redemptive plan of God.”   That is the kind of reading that we need more of, especially for children. But here is what makes it even better– the whole set is now available online for free. 

Paiedea Books, which publishes the four-volume work, has put each volume up online and has made available at no cost a great resource for understanding Biblical Theology and for reading the Bible better.  I would encourage you to check them out yourself.

Volume I : From Creation To The Conquest of Canaan

Volume II : The Failure of Israel’s Theocracy

Volume III: Christ’s Ministry and Death

Volume IV: Christ and the Church

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