GK Beale on Biblical Theology

In a footnote in The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism, G.K. Beale offers a helpful explanation for a how a biblical theological approach to hermeneutics  reads the Bible.   He writes,

A biblical-theological approach attempts to interpret texts in the light of their broader literary context, their broader redemptive-historical epoch of which they are a part, and to interpret earlier texts from earlier epochs, attempting to explain them in the light of progressive revelation to which earlier scriptural authors would not have had access.  So one aspect of biblical theology is the reading of texts in an intratextual and intertextual manner in a way not ultimately distorting their original meaning, though perhaps creatively developing it (105).

Well said.  

Sola Deo Gloria, dss

3 thoughts on “GK Beale on Biblical Theology

    • Systematic Theology with Dr Wellum. Still thinking about dissertation topics, but in the end I hope to do something that will incorporate aspects of biblical theology, either in a more fundamental way (i.e. hermeneutics, prolegomena) or in a more material way (i.e. a biblical theology of…). I know you did a ThM here, have you thought about PhD studies?


  1. Yes, I have. I actually was accepted into the PhD program after my MDiv, but thought it would be best to do the ThM until I knew for sure that I wanted to follow through on the PhD (as you know a huge commitment).

    I am glad to hear you’ll get to study with Dr. Wellum. He was very influential in my life while at SBTS. I think if SBTS ever offered a PhD in Biblical Theology (say with Dr. Hamilton) it would be hard to resist.

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