Top Ten Books of 2009 (D.V.) :: A Call for Prayer

Lord willing (Deo volente), the next year or two will have a host of books that will benefit and uplift Christ’s church.  Many of these books are from SBTS professors, others from some of the choicest biblical theologians today.  Below is a list of ten books that, Lord willing, will be appearing soon:

1. The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown: An Introduction to the New Testament by Andreas Kostenberger.

2. Adopted for Life by Russell Moore.

3. The Center of Biblical Theology by Jim Hamilton

4. History of Southern Seminary by Southern Professor Greg Wills.

5. Doctrine of the Church book in the Crossway series by Gregg Allison.

6. Doctrine of Christ book in the Crossway series by Stephen Wellum.

7. Commentary on 2 Corinthians in the Pillar series by Mark Seifrid.

8. Hebrews commentary in the Pillar series by P.T. O’Brien

9. Colossians commentary in the BECNT series by G.K. Beale

10. Commentary on Galatians by Tom Schreiner.

As we look forward to these resources, may we be faithful to pray for the men who writes these labor-intensive tomes.  Studying under, working with, learning from, and worshiping alongside the professors at Southern, I have grown in my thankfulness for their ministries and more aware of the need to pray for them.  (See Pray for a Professor).  They sacrifice much and labor strenuously to provide us with such excellent scholarship. 

May we thank the Lord for the gifts he gives to his church in these men (cf. Eph. 4:11ff; Gal. 6:6:6ff), and let us pray for them.  May the Lord support his servants of the Word and give them wisdom, biblical clarity, and Christ-honoring fidelity as they write the books we will read.  May Christ receive all the glory as these books edify the church.

Sola Deo Gloria, dss

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Books of 2009 (D.V.) :: A Call for Prayer

  1. After taking Dr. Seifrid this past semester for 2 Corinthians, I’m really looking forward to the release of his commentary. Really, really excited.

    I eat up anything by Peter T. O’Brien. I translated Colossians and Philemon this summer, and had his WBC commentary beside me the whole time (along with N.T. Wright’s TNTC for comparison). I’m interested in seeing with what he does with Hebrews.

    Speaking of Colossians, I’m also excited for Beale’s contribution. I’m reading through his new book “We Become What We Worship” now, and I absolutely love it. It will be good to go back and revisit Colossians with his work in hand.

    Of course, all of the resources that you mentioned will be fantastic (Schreiner on Galatians!), but these really jumped out at me.

    God bless brother!

    Bryan Lilly

  2. Good list, but my understanding is that many of those commentaries you listed are still several years away. Do you have confirmation that those commentaries are due out in 2009?

  3. Chad,

    Point taken.

    Kostenberger and Moore both have their release dates in 2009. I don’t have confirmation on the others.

    DA Carson mentioned in his interview with Mark Dever that PTOB was turning in his commentary to him at that time. That was earlier this year. So I would suspect that of this list his is the front runner.

    The others commentaries I know are at varying stages. Beale repeatedly mentions his work in the Use of NT in the OT, and Seifrid is currently working on the 2 Corinthians. Someone else would have to speak for Dr. Schreiner.

    I know Wills and Allison have both submitted their first completed drafts, and Wellum is coming close to finishing his rough draft.

    My take away point was simply this: Pray for these beloved teachers and the work they are doing in 2009.



  4. Thanks for the shout out, Dave!

    My manuscript on the Center of BT is due Jan 1, 2010. Please pray! I’m 2/3rds of the way there.

    Thanks for your interest!


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