Psalm 103: What Mick Jagger Could Learn from the Sweet Psalmist of Israel

This week begins my shared responsibility of writing “The Wednesday Word” at  This is a weekly summary of the teaching in our sunday school class taught by Dr. Steve Wellum.  Here is the intro to my first post which considers Psalm 103.

The Rolling Stones once lamented, “I can’t get no satisfaction!” While blaming their disaffected state on hollow advertisements, insufficient information, and disillusioned attempts at sex and romance, it is more likely that their lyrics show the emptying effects of hedonistic pleasure-seeking in a fallen and fleeting world. Sadly, this unsatisfied state of living is not isolated to over-the-hill rockers. Too many Christians can resonate with their words and draw comfort from their lyrics, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” Whether due to distraction or disappointment, boredom or busyness, preoccupation with worldly-pleasures or too little reflection on the blessings of the Lord, many Christians and many of us are tempted to turn from sacrifices of praise to downloaded iPods seeking to medicate our pain. There must be a better way!

Psalm 103 points to that better way. To read how, go to or just go read Psalm 103.

Sola Deo Gloria, dss