Beginning with Moses (Weekend Website)

In keeping with the turn towards biblical theology, this weekend’s website is Beginning with Moses.  Taking its name from Luke 24, this website is dedicated to offering “briefings on biblical theology.”  It is filled with insightful articles from some of the world’s premier biblical theologians, living and dead (i.e. Graeme Goldsworthy, D.A. Carson, Richard Gaffin, Edmund Clowney, even Carl Henry).  The website also has articles from younger biblical-theologians like Simon Gathercole, Carl Trueman, and SBTS’s most recent faculty addition, Jim Hamilton

Additionally, the website offers an extensive list of book recommendations, book reviews, and web links to other biblical-theological resources.  The four contributors are David and Jonathan Gibson, Andrew Grundy, and Dave Bish.  Since 2002 these four have committed themselves to promoting high-quality biblical theology–Goldsworthy, Gathercole, and David Jackman serve as the sites overseers.  They are from from the UK (one is now studying at Moore Theological College in Sydney), and from their brief bio’s it seems that most, if not all, are/have been divinity students and ministers of the gospel.  One just finished his PhD at Aberdeen.  In short, their website is a gem with a rich array of biblical content.

So check out Beginning with Moses this weekend.  If you are at all interested in the subject of biblical theology you will visit often. 

Sola Deo Gloria, dss