Psalm 40: From a Miry Pit to Mediated Praise

From the Wednesday Word on Wellums Couples Sunday School class:

In Psalm 40 and throughout the Bible, the liberating work of deliverance accomplished by God on behalf of his people is the source of all praise! In fact, singing a “new song” as David rejoices in Psalm 40:3 is directly related to the Lord’s work of salvation. In Psalm 96:1 and Revelation 5:9, a new song is sung as a response to God’s “new” work of salvation. The result, through the ages, is the same. God’s people are filled with joy and perpetual praise. In this the divine design of God is manifest. God so loved the world that he sent his only son to die in order to make all who believeth in him infinitely glad!

Read the entire Wednesday Word here.

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